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About Adrienne Armstrong

some interesting Adie Facts. 

Name:        Adrienne Nesser (Armstrong)
Birthdate:   October 6, 1969
Hair Color:  Brown/Black
Eye Color:   Brown
Hometown:    Minneapolis, Minnesota
Husband:     Billie Joe Armstrong;
             Merried, July 2, 1994
             Singer/Guitarist of Green Day
Children:    Joseph Marciano Armstrong;
             born, March 1995
             father, Billie Joe Armstrong
             Jakob Danger Armstrong
             born, September 12, 1998
             father, Billie Joe Armstrong
Who is she? what does she do?:
Adrienne Armstrong is probably best known to the puplic for being Green Day frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong's, wife. But she is also co-owner of Adaline records, she sometimes works for Cinder Block Printing, and she helps with Green Day's wardrobes. 
Adrienne was born in Minnesota.  She has a brother named Aaron Nesser and a brother named Steve Nesser (pro-skateborder.)
Adrienne met Billie Joe in 1990 at a Green Day performance in her hometown. Because of distance they couldn't be together but talked on the phone a lot. She was engaged to another man (Billy Bisson from the band Janis Figure) but when Billie Joe asked her to come to California in the summer of 1994 she brokeit off and married Billie Joe not long after she went to california.
Within 2 weeks their wedding was set up. They got merried in Billie's back yard on July 2, 1994. the ceremony lasted 5 minutes.

They had there honeymoon at Berkeley's Claremont Hotel.  The next day Adie found out she was pregnant with her oldest son, Joseph.  Billie Joe and adrienne have been married for 11 years. They have only 2 children,Joesph and Jakob, and are currently living in California.

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