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Crazy Anti-Adie Encounters.
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Crazy Anti-Adie Encounters.

I read this insane story on GSB. I was so freaked out!  And than I thought that people could send in some stories about a time that they've encountered a very strange or mean Anti-Adie person.  so please send them in!

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Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 8:54 pm Post subject: Adrienne psycho Quote

I'm sure this doesn't need its own thread and you can lock it if you must but I really have to retell you a thing that happened to me today. I am still horrified and I am not sure what to do. Ok so here's the story.

I have always been kinda frustrated since there isn't anyone I know that's a Green Day fan. I just got kinda sick of everyone critisizing them and all and I just hoped to find someone who would like them at least as half as I do so I could spend some time with that person and share interests.
And then I met this girl, completely by accident and I felt so happy, she kept talking about the band and I felt like there was someone I could relate to. She did talk a bit too much about Billie Joe and less about Mike and Tre but I didn't really mind that much. We spent some time in the morning together and I really started to like her. After that I had to go to school and as soon as i got home i sent her an SMS to see how she was doing. She wanted to meet me and then we would go to her place. I said yes. I was kinda anxious to see her room and if there were any Green Day posters on the walls and stuff.

Her house was ok, nothing too tacky or anything. She invited me to her room. But omg as I entered I had the shock of my entire life!
On her walls she had all these printed out pictures of Adrienne, and I have never seen so many pics of her.
But what was so disgusting that almost made me vomit was that she painted each picture with red paint, she coloured her eyes red and all sorts of horrifying stuff and there were these signs on her walls made in red paint or something that were saying: "Die 80, die", and "I hate you Adrienne" and stuff like that and the worst of all it all looked like blood. I got so sick I almost fainted, and she was looking all normal, as it was an everyday thing. I had no idea of what was going on in that psycho little head of hers so I decided to not discuss it with her. I just acted normal but couldn't bare to look around me. I mean, how come her mother doesn't find it disturbing?!? I know I did...
The moment I got home I puked. I was really sick but also scared. She sent me an SMS and asked me when will we meet again. I found some excuse to avoid it. Now I don't know what to do. I can't look her in the eyes again. She makes me sick to my stomach but worst of all, she terrifies me...
I can't believe some people can be that sick Shocked
Everytime I think about it... *shivers*
I seriously don't know what to do.
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